Build a Bundle

Pick (4-6-8-10)  Your Choices: 
 *Each line counts as an item

No Doubling

~ 2lbs Fresh Store Sausage  
~ 2 Whole Fryer Chickens
~ 2 5-6oz Lobster Tails                    ~ 1lb Fully Cooked Shrimp
~ 2 7-8oz Filet Mignons
(+$5)         ~2.5lbs Boneless Skinless             

~ 2 8-10oz N.Y. Strip Steaks (+$3)  ~ 2lbs Marinated Steak
~2lbs Marinated Chicken               

~ 3 6-8oz Butcher Select Sirloin
~ 1.5lb Tenderloin Steak Tips        ~ 
3 6-8oz Salmon Filets
~ 2lbs Chicken or Beef Chunks   
~ 3lbs Bone-In Pork Chops

~ 2.5lbs Boneless Pork Chops        ~ 3lbs Bessery's Hamburger
~ 8  Sirloin Burger Patties              ~ 12 Bessery's Frankfurters
~ 2lbs Fresh Slab Bacon                  ~ 4lbs Country Style Spareribs
~ 2lbs Bessery's Cube Steak            ~ 10 Jumbo Sea Scallops 
~ 2 Icelandic Haddock Filets        ~ 4lb Bone-In Chicken Breast
~ 4 Each Twice Baked Potatoes
~ 2.5lbs Fresh Chicken Wings
~ 2lbs Boneless Beef Shortribs

Pick 4 $55   Pick  6  $70
Pick 8 $85    Pick 10 $99

Bundle # 3

The Chuck Wagon
 5lbs Bessery Burger
2lbs Fresh Store Sausage
4.5lbs Chicken Breast
2lb Stew Meat
2lbs Cube Steak
3lbs Pork Chops
2lb Beef Roast
Free Stuff:
1lb Country Spare Ribs 
1 Whole Chicken Fryer
1lb Sweet Onion
3lb Baking Potatoes
1lb Fresh Slab Bacon

Bundle #4

The Texan
5lbs Bessery Burger
1lb Sirloin Patties
2lb Ribeye Delmonicos
2lb Marinated Steak
2lb Butcher Sirloins
2 lb NY Strip Steak
1lb Tenderloin Steak Tips
1lb Fresh Store Sausage
Free Stuff:
2lbs Country Ribs
1 Whole Chicken Fryer
1lb Sweet Onion
5lb Potatoes 
1 Rack Baby Back Ribs
1lb Fresh Slab Bacon

Bundle #5

The Cattle Ranch
10lb Bessery Burger   

 2lb Sirloin Patties
2lb NY Strip Steaks     

2lb Ribeye Delmonicos
3lb Beef or Chicken Kabobs 

 3lb Sirloin Steaks
 2lb Bessery's Frankfurters   

4lb Boneless Skinless Chicken
2lb Marinated Chicken   

2 Rack Baby Back Ribs
3lb Fresh Store Made Sausage     
2 7-8 oz Filet Mignons

Free Stuff:
3lb Country Ribs 

1 Whole Chicken Fryers  
1lb Fresh Slab Bacon 

1 Rack Baby Back Ribs  
1lb Sweet Onion 

5lb Baking Potatoes

Bundle #1

‚Äč The Cookout
3lb Bessery Burger
2lb Mckenzie Hot Dog
2lb Chicken Breast
3lb Spare Ribs

Locally owned and operated since 1963

Bundle #2

 The Gathering
3lbs Bessery Burger
4lbs Pork Chops
2lbs Stew Meat
2lbs Cube Steak
4lbs Chicken Breast