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Store made sirloin patties $1.50 each

​​​ Chairman Reserve

Ribeye Delmonicos


 Bacon Wrapped Filets Mignons


Your Local Butcher Shop

Order Your holiday Roast Today


Craft Beers

We carry wine from all over the world. Most you will find a local restaurants. Our wine philosophy is if it good for $30 it will be great for $10!!

Save 10% off wine with a Meat Purchase

Yes we carry Heady!! Only Thursday 1-3 pm!! We Have beers from all over and many you have never heard of. Our selection is dictated by our customers and ever growing.

Our steaks are all hand cut to order. We are known for our Quality meats and remembered for our outstanding service. First Quality you can taste.


Fresh Meats


Chicken Cordon Bleu     $7.99lb


Now Available $15 Dollar min deli or grocery

Bulk Fresh Ground


$3.99lb​  5lbs+

County style

Spare Ribs


Bulk Beef Tenderloin



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